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Slide off the pistes, enter the realm of off-piste and backcountry riding, push the boundaries, explore more, challenge yourself and discover a new passion.

Despite the ease of access with wider skis, all-terrain riding remains one of the most technically challenging areas of skiing and is best explored with a fully-qualified, specialist Instructor.

Discover the Mountain...


Backcountry Adventure

Classic couloirs, freeride faces, backcountry tours and heli-rides home.
Tignes and its surrounding resorts play host to some of the best and most readily accessible off-piste terrain in Europe.

Find your next favourite run.


Mountain Safety

The associated dangers, whilst often hidden from view, are ever present when out backcountry. Develop your ability to read the signs and implement the information when making decisions.

Improve your search and rescue skills.
While every precaution may be taken, there is always the element of chance. Knowing what to do in the event of an accident can be a life-saver.

Know when to say 'No'



Explore the latest in off-piste riding techniques across a variety of different terrains.

From couloir jump turns, or ripping through the forest runs to laying out some fat freeride lines on a fresh open face; learn a little and explore more.

Off-piste made easy


Prices & Times

Session Times
Morning 09h-13h4hrs
Full Day 09h-17h8hrs
Evening 17h-19h2hrs
Safety equipment provided.
Maximum 4 per group.
Prices are per session.
Click the images for more info.
Full Day 8h 600 €
Morning 4h 350 €
Afternoon 3h 250 €
Chevril 4h 420 €
Bonneval 8h 1000 €
Italia 8h 1600 €
SafetyBasics 3h 200 €
SafetyPractice 3h 200 €
Afternoons only
Advanced 4h 350 €
Intro 3h 250 €
AllTerrain 3h 250 €
PrixSummary this should be hidden
Full Day 8h 600 €
Morning 4h 350 €
Afternoon 3h 250 €
Chevril 4h 420 €
Bonneval 8h 1000 €
Italia 8h 1600 €
Touring DayTours 8h 600 €
Touring Specials 4h 350 €
Touring Starters 3h 200 €
Val de Tignes 8h 600 €
SainteFoy 8h 650 €
Tarentaise 8h 650 €
SafetyBasics 3h 200 €
SafetyPractice 3h 200 €
Afternoons only
Advanced 4h 350 €
Intro 3h 250 €
AllTerrain 3h 250 €


See more mountain
For novice off-pisters and powder hounds to adrenaline junkies and backcountry wanderers.
Choose your adventure and we'll tailor it to your level on the best of the local conditions.
Find your next favourite run...
Guiding 4h 350 €
Heli 4h 420 €
Touring 4h 350 €
DayTrips 8h 600 €
Discover the best of the local conditions.
Escape and explore...
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Ride out of resort and a heli flight home
Ride and fly...
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Enter a whole new realm of untouched terrain .
Skin up, ride down...
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The best off-piste skiing across the Tarentaise.
Backcountry and beyond...
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Private off-piste sessions
Discover the best of the local conditions, powder bowls and classic couloirs, freeride faces and treeline trails
If you have already been bitten by the off-piste bug, our guided sessions are the best way to explore the best runs in the area....
Escape and explore...
Full Day 8h 600 €
Morning 4h 350 €
Afternoon 3h 250 €
Full Day
Both of the above adapted to the conditions. Check out our other Full Day trips
A four hour session ...... Ideal for off-piste skiers looking for new challenges.
A three hour session ...... Ideal for expert piste skiers looking to explore beyond the pistes.
Guiding and Glaciers
Whilst the term 'guiding' has a fairly open definition with regards to skiing, the definition is stricter in reference to glaciers.
Although we provide an off-piste and backcountry guiding service, we are legally not allowed to take anyone onto glacial areas. This is the realm of the High Mountain Guides with the IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV qualification.
Bureau des Guides de Tignes
In the event that we decide to head onto the glaciers outside of the patrolled zones we join forces with one of the local High Mountain Guides from the Bureau des Guides de Tignes.
If you do not yet have your own off-piste safety equipment we can provide you with;
  • Transceiver
  • Probe & Shovel
  • ABS backpack
  • Safety briefing
  • technical tips
  • breathtaking vistas
  • Alpine adventure
  • and much more


Couloirs & Choppers
Ride out of resort and catch a bird's eye view of the backcountry with a heli flight home
Though purists may be against such methods, it's still a ride in a helicopter. Ideal for experienced off-piste skiers looking for new challenges
Ride and Fly...
Chevril 4h 420 €
Bonneval 8h 1000 €
Italia 8h 1600 €
Chevril/Bonneval; 4 pax required.
Italia; 5 pax required.
Prices are per session.
Ride the classic Tovière couloirs (Mickey's Ears), across the summer pass, down through one of the gulleys leading into the Bois de La Laye and finally meandering through the forest to the Lac de Chevril (over 1000m vertical descent). All capped off with a heli-ride home.
Mystical, mythical Maurienne
Into the Maurienne valley with a flight over the Vanoise park to return.
Two heli-drops in Italy and some awesome riding home.
Cross over into Italy via the frontier resort of La Rosière.
Transport to and from resort included.
Heliskiing Legality
Helisking is unfortunately not allowed in France.
Ride then Fly. We ride into an area, get picked up in a heli and get dropped back in resort (Chevril and Bonneval).
Or we go to Italy.


Free the heel and free the spirit...
Backcountry touring can open up a whole new realm of untouched terrain whilst escaping the busy, well known off-piste skiing areas.
Despite having the image of a sport undertaken only by guides, mountaineers and general Alpine geeks, ski touring offers an incredibly easy way to access areas that otherwise would be impracticable.
Skin up, ride down...
Touring DayTours 8h 600 €
Touring Specials 4h 350 €
Touring Starters 3h 200 €
A full-day with a couple of cols or summits for the more experienced touring adventurers.
Recap of touring equipment and techniques, route selection tips, and avalanche awareness & terrain safety briefing.
An opportunity to experience the mountains at night. Try the Sunrise and Sunset Skins, the Moonrise Meander and the Full Moon Fantasy. Join us as we skin up to one of the local viewpoints away from the noise and lights.
A 3hr session for ski touring beginners.
  • Introduction to and use of touring bindings and skins.
  • Walking, climbing and descending techniques.
  • Introduction to route planning.
  • Avalanche awareness & terrain safety.
Ski touring requires the use of specialist equipment;
Lightweight skis fitted with touring bindings and skins.
Synthetic skins that attach to the base of the ski and grip into the snow enabling us to walk up the snow.
Harscheissen (couteaux or touring crampons), for extra grip on hard packed, icy terrain.
Please note: Equipment hire is not included in the session price.
Check out the range available in MountainStory


The best of the Tarentaise.
From the Franco-Italian border to the heart of the Vanoise National Park. Backcountry valleys and impressive North faces.
Explore beyond the Tignes border and discover the off-piste in one of the other Tarentaise ski resorts.
Backcountry and beyond...
Val de Tignes 8h 600 €
SainteFoy 8h 650 €
Tarentaise 8h 650 €
Val de Tignes
A full day's skiing across Tignes and Val for intermediate and experienced riders.
**Alternative to the Tarentaise Tour in case of adverse snow or weather conditions**
A hidden gem of off-piste lusciousness
Exploring the bowls and backcountry of Ste Foy.
60km tour including the Bellecote North Faces.
An epic, full day's skiing, discovering the legendary off-piste of the Vanoise and Tarentaise Valley through the resorts of Tignes, Champagny La Plagne, Peisey, Les Arcs and Villaroger with over 6km of vertical descent...
!!....Snowboarders: Require split-boards....!!
PitStops and Lunch
Bring snacks and drinks for the chairlifts. Picnic or restaurant lunch depending on the weather.
Transport to and from Sainte Foy and the return from Villaroger are included in the session price.


Avalanche awareness sessions
Improve your search and rescue skills.
The associated dangers are ever present when out backcountry. Develop your ability to read the signs and implement the information when making decisions.
Know when to say no...
SafetyBasics 3h 200 €
SafetyPractice 3h 200 €
Afternoons only
3 hour on-snow introduction to mountain safety session;
  • Intro to the equipment
  • Outline avalanche rescue procedure
  • Single-burial search on flat terrain
  • Timed search
3 hour detailed on-snow safety session aimed at the more experienced off-piste fans;
  • Avalanche awareness and risk assessment.
  • Snowpack analysis and slope safety.
  • Detailed info on avalanche rescue procedure.
  • Incident management and rescue procedures.
  • Multiple burial searches.
  • Practice searches on the mountain.
Inherent dangers
When snow falls in the mountains there is always a risk of avalanche.
The risk is limited on shallow slopes but increases with the steepness of the pitch.
There is a 'danger' range of slope angles within which we see the highest number of avalanches, and most off-piste skiing is done within this same range.
Safety in avalanche terrain is relative; depending on a host of interlinked factors, the stability of the snow pack can be affected in a short period of time, to the point where a stable slope at 10am is no longer viable at 2pm.
Understanding the effects and potential outcomes of our interaction with the winter mountain environment is the initial step in reducing the risks involved.


Build the basics and hone the skills
Sessions are adapted to your current level to help gain confidence outside of the pistes.
Whilst wider skis have eased the passage for many into off-piste, the different terrain and snow conditions still require the implementation of certain, basic skills.
Off-piste made easy...
Advanced 4h 350 €
Intro 3h 250 €
AllTerrain 3h 250 €
Prices are per session
Enhance your off-piste skills whilst tackling the more challenging classic routes.
Get to grips with the techniques of off-piste skiing on some of the easier itineries.
Development on all types of terrain including bumps, naturide and easy off-piste.
Be honest with yourself, the mountain is.
Pistes? Meh! You are a ski hero and nothing is too extreme. But you still fall over. Advanced
Pistes are purely for access. Off-piste is fun, challenging, and you still fall over. Advanced
Off-piste is frustrating, challenging, and still with too many wipeouts. Intro
Pistes are easy, you've dabbled with off-piste and fallen over regularly. Intro
You are in the process of mastering the pistes and wander off the sides sometimes AllTerrain
Many riders can feel frustrated when venturing off-piste, usually due to the increased number of falls. The variable conditions found off-piste quickly highlight the need to keep improving.
It's a whole new world outside of the pistes and it can take some time to adjust to the different conditions.
Expect something..
..new and something different. New terrain, different snow types, majestic views, and an opportunity to ski away from the crowded pistes.


Things to know
Off-piste has always been seen as the pinnacle of the skiing and the recent revolution in ski design has enabled more and more skiers to venture beyond the piste markers.
Despite the confidence and enjoyment gained with fat skis, all-terrain riding remains one of the most technically challenging areas of skiing and is best explored with a specialist, qualified instructor or Guide.
Group size
Skiing in a group is fun, if the group is small and roughly the same ability.
Too many in the group can be dangerous given certain conditions and increases waiting time.
We keep our groups small; 4 is perfect up to a maximum of 6 for skiers of a similar ability.
More questions?
Keep reading or drop us a message
Quality not quantity...
Meeting Point
Mountain Story SkiSet shop, Tignes le Lac. 30m from the bottom of the Palafour chairlift
Clients should ensure their insurance covers off-piste skiing and subsequent treatment.
A Carte Neige can be purchased to cover the costs of evacuation and transfer to a medical centre. Don't go riding without it.
Extra Charges
Skis & Touring equipment are not included in the price, however all safety equipment, on-snow and off-snow sessions, and our passion are.
When and where will be discussed during the sessions, feel free to bring snacks and supplies for the day.
Daily debrief. Thirsty work though
Skis & Touring kit
Use the kit that you are already comfortable riding with, however, we highly recommend the use of wider all-mountain skis. Check out the range available in Mountain Story.
Safety Equipment
We provide the following:
DVA, Probe and Shovel, ABS Backpack
If you already have your own safety equipment, please feel free to use it.
Inadvertent or deliberate deployment of the ABS will result in a 50€ fine and a run down the piste with your wings out...!

Xtra Info

Extra things to know
For safety, we reserve the right to:
  • Alter course content and terrain when local weather and snow conditions dictate.
  • Advise clients to change to a course appropriate to their current experience.
  • Exclude clients that do not adhere to safety instructions.
Alcohol & intoxicants
No and No. This includes hangovers.
Honesty, Humility, Harmony
Bragging impresses no-one. The mountain always wins.
Get in touch with yourself.
More questions?
Keep reading or drop us a message
Turn left, turn right and repeat as necessary
There's more to off-piste than powder
When one imagines off-piste skiing it is in deep fresh powder with clear blue skies. Those days do exist. Sometimes. Occasionally.
Off-piste, by definition, is all the terrain outside of the piste markers, with an inherent mixture of different conditions:
chopped up old powder, heavy crud, brittle surface crust as well as all the usual hidden dangers of weak layers and buried rocks and roots.
This is the 'bread and butter' of off-piste. It's not always pretty, but mastering all types of snow is a fun challenge to undertake. Riding as many different snow conditions will make the true powder days more rewarding.
Bad Weather
There's never bad weather, only bad clothing. Heavy, foreboding clouds. Howling winds that make the cables vibrate and sing. Fist-sized snowflakes blinding your view.
But you know there is a run below you. Fresh, untouched snow waiting to be tracked.
Yup, we ski on bad weather days. Only if the mountain is officially closed do we not ride, so we play with DVAs and drink coffee.
Avalanche Risk
All routes are selected according to the official, local risk estimation bulletin.
Abide by the following...
  • Thou shalt have fun
  • Thou shalt listen carefully to all instructions
  • Thou shalt pay for your session
  • Thou shalt be honest about your level
  • Thou mightst fall over
  • Thou willst pick thyself up with a grin
  • Thou shalt pay for coffee...
    (Black with 2 sugars please.)
...and the world keeps turning.

About Us

Who, what, where, when and why
Tignes Off-Piste is...
the idea of independent ski teacher Kev Herbert, a highly experienced off-piste instructor, backcountry tour guide, and mountain safety coach.
Former off-piste manager for a local, well estalished, French ski school, Kev has been based in Tignes for over 20 years and his extensive knowledge of the terrain has built up from his passion for hiking and climbing in the summer and his desire to escape the masses on the pistes during the winter.
Independent, fully-qualified ski instructor, off-piste specialist, backcountry guide and mountain safety coach
English, Français, Deutsch en slecht Nederlands
Welcome to my office...
Favourite run
All of them...
Bury me high where the genepi grows and by my head place a single black rose.
Tailor-made individual sessions designed to improve your technique, confidence and safety awareness.
Backcountry guiding appropriate to your level and the conditions, that will bring both challenges and excitement.
We make off-piste fun and enjoyable.
Our playground begins with the 10 000ha of off-piste terrain around Tignes. Beyond that we have the backcountry areas linking many of the resorts in the Tarentaise, Maurienne and Aosta valleys. Plenty to keep you occupied.
October to May every year.
Because it's what we want to do.
Check our Instagram and Facebook feeds for daily updates.
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About You

The Personal Touch
Skiing is a subjective sport and as such a certain amount of interaction is required before we can unlock your full potential.
Therefore we prefer to know a little more detail about your skiing history to better adapt the session to your needs.
Send in your request by using the Contact form below.
It's a whole new world outside of the pistes and it can take some time to adjust to the different conditions.
What will I discover?
A new perspective, a different opinion, a simpler way of approaching things.
Is off-piste dangerous?
All activities can be dangerous if common sense is forgotten.
There are added dangers when heading off-piste and these must be taken into consideration.
Even when all precautions have been taken there is still a chance that something unexpected will happen.
This fact should not, however, deter one from experiencing off-piste and all-mountain riding. The beginner slope can be a dangerous place in half-term...just a thought.
Will I fall over?
Probably, it's off-piste...
How can I book?
Head to the Contact section.
It is difficult to imagine a better day in the Alps – a challenging off piste adventure with great snow and the trip of a lifetime in the chopper.
The guiding and instruction (paying attention to detail) was excellent and was greatly appreciated by myself and my wife.
Best time ever off-piste. My technique improved and my confidence soared.
This was our first time off piste and took us to places we had only dreamed of going. Well worth the money